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About John Frangie, M.D.: Leading Eye Surgeon & Ophthalmologist Springfield, MA

Today, John Frangie, M.D., is a renowned and respected leader as an eye surgeon and ophthalmologist in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Here, you'll learn more about him and his experience and track record, providing great insight into his status as a trusted eye surgeon and ophthalmologist throughout the community and in the field.

John Frangie, M.D., is a native of Springfield , MA who has been a practicing ophthalmologist in both academic and private practice settings since 1992. Doctor Frangie has published extensively over the course of the past two decades, writing numerous articles and chapters for various publications including Ophthalmology, The American Journal of Ophthalmology and International Ophthalmology Clinics.  His chapters have been included in a number of renowned textbooks including Conn ’s Current Therapy, Principles and Practices of Ophthalmology, and Corneal Disorders: Clinical Diagnosis and Management.

Dr. Frangie established Pioneer Valley Ophthalmic Consultants (PVOC) in 1998.  The consulting practice had its original offices in Turners Falls and Amherst , MA and was started as a new practice with no initial patient base.  Today, PVOC has offices in Amherst, Greenfield, and Holyoke with a patient enrollment of over 50,000.  Additionally, Dr. Frangie opened the region’s first dedicated laser vision center in 2001, The
NorthEast Laser Center.  The Center has distinguished itself over the past decade by being among the country’s first to offer “No-Blade" Laser Vision Correction via femtosecond laser technology, Customized Laser Vision Correction and Laser-Assisted implantation of INTAC’s intracorneal segments.

As a Cornea and Refractive Surgery specialist, John Frangie, M.D.’s practice has an emphasis on cornea transplantation, including Descemet’s Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK) and Refractive Surgery.  The advent of advanced technology, presbyopic intraocular lenses (IOLs), including diffractive, refractive and accommodating systems has increased the breadth of Dr. Frangie’s vision correction practice as now patients who wish to have their eyes working optimally are no longer limited by their age.

John Frangie’s academic career is notable for its numerous accolades – as an undergraduate, he graduated with the highest GPA in the College of Liberal Arts and Science at the University of Kansas.  Frangie graduated from the KU School of Medicine as a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical school honor society in 1987.  In 1991, John Frangie, M.D., completed his residency at the Boston University School of Medicine, and he subsequently performed a fellowship in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the University of Rochester , under the tutelage of James V. Aquavella, M.D.

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